Only doing this for my favorite character, shh. Mako’s summer/rolled sleeved uniform and umbrella from Crystal. (they ended up changing the color of the umbrella’s trim, but screw that)
Jupiter qr here! see my sailor moon tag for more designs!

did this a long while back for my girlfriend’s AC blog (acdaisies) but, then we both kinda lost interest in AC. oh well, posting this now!

Looking for Ice Path QR!


What it looks like:  I have a winter town and have been using these QR patterns >here< and I like them well enough (I use #1 only), it’s just that I want something that isn’t dark in color like that or as busy (when laid out 2-3 squares wide it looks too busy and not much like a sheet of ice; it almost looks like arctic camo to me). I’m after  paths that look like a frozen sheet of ice, with white/ice blue/other light colors rather than very dark colors, sort of done up a little like a mirror with a nice pretty sparkle/shine. I’m a digital artist myself, but I’m not skilled in pixel art. Hopefully somehow out there can help! It doesn’t have to include corners or borders or anything like that, just 1 or 2, maybe even 3 or 4 pieces that I can arrange to look like a nice pretty sheet of ice through my town! Anyone have a good feel for creating pixelated ice or know of some good ice QR codes they’ve seen around?

What you’re offering for it:

Lots of bells and items! I can also provide a full-size digital drawing in return (perhaps of your villager and mayors or something ACNL related). Name your price and we can work out a deal! I hope I’m not asking for too much. Message me if interested and we can work out all the details about my paths and your payment :)

FC:  2852-8507-4125
URL: lunelis.tumblr.com


ask me for my favorite ac thingies



1: favorite haircolor for your character
2: fav NPC
3: fav furniture set
4: fav PWP
5: fav villager species
6: fav villager personality
7: fav k.k. song
8: fav exterior
9: fav building on main street
10: fav uchi villager
11: fav normal…

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