Paying Handsomely for Saplings and Carnations!


Looking For:

  • Cedar Saplings (need at least 20)
  • Blue Hydrangea Starts (need at least 50)
  • White Carnations

Also in the market for a jellyfish lamp and a cake display and a few other things but the saplings, starts, and carnations are my priority.

Offer or items for trade: Bells….

Current Villagers:


Villagers I want:


Past Villagers:


Gotta cycle out 10 more to get Aurora back!


Only doing this for my favorite character, shh. Mako’s summer/rolled sleeved uniform and umbrella from Crystal. (they ended up changing the color of the umbrella’s trim, but screw that)
Jupiter qr here! see my sailor moon tag for more designs!

did this a long while back for my girlfriend’s AC blog (acdaisies) but, then we both kinda lost interest in AC. oh well, posting this now!